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Nawton School, 58 Livingstone Avenue, Nawton, Hamilton

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Sistema Waikato Testimonials

“We’ve been learning how to build violins...and now we have wooden violins. We’re doing quite well. They’re a little bit tricky. It’s very hard. The best thing is when I get a real violin. You have to be nice to other people and respect other people.”
- Sistema Waikato child

“I have two children in the Sistema programme, and have been part of Sistema since it began. My children have benefited so much through the instruments they have been given the opportunity to play and learn, so many experiences that most children wouldn't usually get. They are also building firm friendships with children from within the Hamilton community that they wouldn't have otherwise met. It's awesome as a parent watching the children grow and develop as musicians and as individuals - they've all come a long way since the beginning. They've built up so much confidence and pride in themselves. Some children (including my two) have since found the courage to also join school music groups like rock band, choir and orchestra (and having to audition for their parts), they wouldn't have had this opportunity I believe without their time at Sistema and the learning they have been given over the last few years. The tutors are an integral part of this, they are all very caring and encouraging of each and every child. I'm very grateful my children have been given this opportunity.”
- Sistema Waikato parent

"This was my first visit to Sistema Waikato and also my first time seeing the programme in action- though I have been aware of it for a number of years. I was extremely impressed with both the running of the programme and the visible impact that I could see it had on the students who were participating. The students were visibly excited by the music and the atmosphere radiated enthusiasm and positive energy. Moreover I myself felt valued- not just as a teacher but also as a musician and performer. It was wonderful to play to an audience as attentive and appreciative as those children. It is clear that the vehicle of music (and in particular, participation in Sistema Waikato) can have a powerful impact on the lives and social development of children. I only hope that more are able to benefit from such a programme!"
- Local musician

“The Sistema Programme is simply amazing.  I’ve seen my children thrive with the support of a highly committed group of tutors who share their passion of music with their students.  The skills that they learn are transferable and I’m delighted to see my sons sitting together at home, one playing his violin while his brother accompanies him on the piano.  They also show their skills and patience when asked to show their older siblings (and parents too) how to play some of the songs they have in their ever expanding repertoire.”
- Sistema Waikato parent

“The ​way ​the ​programme ​uses ​music ​as ​a ​vehicle ​to ​positively ​impact ​ ​the ​lives ​of participating ​​children, ​their ​​families ​and ​wider ​​communities ​ ​is ​completely ​aligned with ​our ​school’s ​vision. With ​only ​a ​small ​ ​number ​of ​students ​attending ​the ​programme ​at ​the ​moment, ​we are ​ ​already ​seeing ​wider ​relationships ​formed ​that ​continue ​to ​flourish ​ ​back ​at school. ​This ​has ​strengthened ​the ​sense ​of ​belonging our ​tamariki ​have ​back ​in their ​own ​school ​and ​home ​environments ​as ​ ​well. The ​​Sistema ​​teaching ​​team ​are ​doing ​an ​amazing ​job ​nurturing ​ ​young ​people ​far beyond ​the ​musical ​learning! ​I ​am ​so ​​excited ​to ​see ​ ​our ​small ​number ​continue ​to grow ​further ​as ​the ​years ​​pass!.”
- Partner School principal

“I was thrilled to visit the Hamilton Sistema programme recently and really excited by the opportunities and life-changing experiences being made available for these children. I was fortunate to have my music lessons fully funded as a child otherwise I would have completely missed out. Music has made a huge difference to my life. As a teen it gave me a group of peers and a safe environment, socialising with other teens and adults, friends of different ages. I also suffered from depression both as a teen and again in my 30s; being able to go to a band or orchestra and be completely immersed in creating something beautiful, or exciting, mentally engaging and fulfilling has changed my life completely. Engaging with creative arts is excellent for mental health and self esteem, and I am so happy that Sistema gives so many children these opportunities which will help them become balanced individuals and setting them up for success in life.”
- Local musician